About Us

If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read to learn more about Replenish.


With the patented AR app data collection becomes a breeze, long gone are the days of hand held scanners, the era of autonomous scanning is here.


Our blockchain backed technology will give you the ease of mind to handle all your transactions. 


Our goal has always been to remove as much human error as possible, hence the need to make Replenish work with the least amount of human interaction and removing it completely after the initial set up. 

Our story

With an accumulated 20 years of experience in manufacturing, international supply chain, and tech development we noticed the burdensome that product tracking can be. Inventory, quality, training, accounting are all key components for a business to function,

 however; they don’t necessarily make your product better.  That is what we saw and that is the problem we set out to tackle, We needed to find a better way to account for our products and through Replenish we provide just that and much more. 

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